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Shooting Secrets: New scenes separate from principal photography filmed for 'Different Reasons'

With the simple caption "Shooting Secrets...", the Boyland Studios social media accounts updated the masses about the production "Different Reasons" which this past Wednesday filmed a portion of the film separate from principal photography. (Facebook, Instagram)

According to director Bennett R. Boyle, the scenes shot on Wednesday will "play a very important part in the final film." The reasons why the scenes were shot apart from principal photography will become more obvious once the final film is released.

The social media posts also revealed new behind the scenes images from the shoot featuring the primary stars of the film Sophie Sarnacki, Gabe Moreland, and John F. Boyle. These can be seen below:

These images carry with them a some thematic imagery that sheds light on the roles these characters will play in the film. As always, stay tuned for more info as post-production for "Different Reasons" continues! There have been several more unforeseen delays in the production this summer and the impact of these delays, while unclear at the moment, will expounded upon in the near future! Keep your eyes glued to all things Boyland Studios! Team

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