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Happy New Year from Boyland Studios! First 'Different Reasons' teaser poster revealed!

Happy New Year from Boyland Studios! As we move into the New Year we can officially announce that "Different Reasons" will be released this year! Though no 100 percent certain date has been set, we are certain post-production will be wrapping up sometime this year!

In light of this awesome news, we are releasing our first official teaser poster which you can check out below:

The first official one-sheet for "Different Reasons" is an oil painting mockup of the logo revealed in our Official Logo Reveal Teaser from July 2017. This teaser poster is just the first of many promotional materials that will be released as we move further into 2019 and we promise that there will be a slew of material released very soon!

As always, stay tuned for updates as post-production moves along! We hope everyone has a very happy New Year! Team

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