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First official screenshot from 'Different Reasons' revealed!

Today, Bennett R. Boyle (director of "Different Reasons") shared an image (on Instagram) of the Boyland Studios editing bay, a.k.a. Bennett's bedroom.

Boyle's bedroom is a treasure trove of pop culture easter eggs including a life size standee of John Boyega's Finn from Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens and even Dustin's trucker hat from Stranger Things.

Boyle's screens reveal the first official screenshot from "Different Reasons" which can be seen in its full 2:35:1 aspect ratio glory below! Take a look!

The first official screenshot features Gabe Moreland as Lucas who is in a bit of bind when we are first introduced to him in "Different Reasons."

With the holiday season in full swing, we hope you enjoy this early Christmas present. As the new year unfolds, we promise to unveil more and more as "Different Reasons" pushes through post-production! As always stay tuned for updates as production moves along! Team

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