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Sophie Sarnacki joins the cast of 'Different Reasons' on Day 2 of principal photography!

We are pleased to announce that yesterday, on Day 2 of principal photography, Sophie Sarnacki was added to the cast of "Different Reasons" playing the role of Natalie! She will star in Boyland Studios' first film alongside Gabe Moreland who stars as Lucas and a supporting cast that includes John F. Boyle as Uncle and Aaron Moreland as The Captor!

To commemorate Sophie Sarnacki's first day on set, director Bennett R. Boyle presented Sarnacki with a binded copy of the "Different Reasons" screenplay! You can see more pictures of this below!

The first two days of principal photography have been very successful and the production of "Different Reasons is right on schedule! Stay tuned for more updates as principal photography moves along as we will be providing more details and even more exclusive images from the production! Team

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