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Day 1 of Principal Photography is a wrap!

Day 1 of principal photography for Boyland Studios' first film "Different Reasons" is a wrap! It was a successful first day mostly made up of the nitty-gritty (action and reaction shots). With most of the monotonous work completed, the production will now shift into the more character oriented portion of the filming. With this shift in focus in the coming days of filming we will be adding a new and very important member to the cast, so stay tuned!

The first day of filming always carries its challenges and our crew has learned a lot already about how to best develop the project. Only a mere few shoots behind schedule after the first day, Director Bennett R. Boyle is ecstatic about the progression so far!

As per usual, there is a certain level of secrecy surrounding our project so as to not spoil the experience when you watch this film for the first time. However, below you can check out an exclusive behind the scenes image to see a sneak peak of what is to come:

As always, stay tuned for updates as the production moves along! It is surreal that the project is finally beginning to come to life after such a long period of waiting. On to Day 2 of principal photography! Team

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