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Mission Complete! 'Different Reasons' principal photography to commence on June 16th!

Photographed by Bennett R. Boyle

Mission complete! At long last, the development we teased all the way back in January has finally come to light! Our goal has been met, our equipment is ready, and we are overjoyed to announce that principal photography for "Different Reasons", Boyland Studios' first film, will commence on June 16th!

We first set our goal on September 16th, 2016 in this video in which we also unveiled our GoFundMe campaign. We would later reveal another means of donation on when we unveiled our film's official logo here. Through these crowdfunding websites, along with many alternate means of donation and the families of Bennett R. Boyle and Gabe Moreland putting in money from their own pockets, we have finally garnered enough funds to buy the equipment from our initial goal.

Here they are:

The MacBook Air

Photographed by Bennett R. Boyle

The MacBook Air was the very first item that we received when it was donated to Boyland Studios by the Boyle Family in December 2016 for Director Bennett R. Boyle's birthday! (You can see that in this Instagram post) It has been used heavily in the pre-production process and will continue to be used to a great extent as the film moves along!

The iMac

Photographed by Bennett R. Boyle

The second item that Boyland Studios obtained was the iMac, which was also generously donated by the Boyle Family! (see here) The iMac will function as the main workspace for editing the final film as principal photography moves along. It will also work in tandem as a dual screen in order to create a more ideal editing arena. And that leads us right into the next piece of equipment on our goal...

AVID Media Composer

One of the main goals of "Different Reasons" is to achieve an extremely professional style of film and one of the most important aspects of that is a professional editing system and AVID Media Composer is among the best! We were lucky enough to get a discount on the software and look forward to using it to craft our film into a product of professionalism. You can check out AVID Media Composer here. It is great software for those who are just beginning and is awesome for the who wish to dive right in to Hollywood-esque editing. It might be a tad confusing at first sight but we have found that this playlist on YouTube along with others on AVID's channel are very helpful in mastering the program. Check it out below:

Next up: Lights, Camera, Action!


Photographed by Bennett R. Boyle

The next piece of equipment (which is the next to last piece before the "big one") is the lighting system. We had gone back and forth on what kind of lights we wanted to get but based on the requirements of our script (lots of nighttime and/or very specific lighting) we ultimately decided that barndoor lights would best suit our needs. The functionality of this light type is that it is very simple to direct the light in specific areas which is great when a script (which ours definitely does) calls for very distinct light cues. These specific lights were somewhat inexpensive which cleared room for saving funds for the "big one."


Photographed by Bennett R. Boyle

Here it is: the big one! The Camera! The Panasonic HC 4K Ultra HD 60p/50p Professional Camcorder! This has been the most awaited portion of our goal and perhaps the most important. After all, how do you make a film without the camera? This beautiful camera is great for first timers as it is professional, easy to use, and comes in a bundle with tons of much needed accessories. ( You can check out the complete list of accessories here.)

Now that we have our camera, you know whats next!


After lights and camera always comes action! With all of our equipment ready, "Different Reasons" will burst into action on June 16th when it commences principal photography! This journey has been amazing so far and this development has been a true milestone! Stay tuned for casting announcements and more updates in the coming weeks before principal photography begins! Also, check out a few other accessories we were able to obtain after completing our initial goal that will help immensely as the project moves along!



Photographed by Bennett R. Boyle

Along with the main items from our goal, we discovered a few extra things we needed along the way: a Zoom H4n Pro to use with the boom mic (we got a heck of a deal on this item), a tripod dolly, and a clapboard for convenience when lining up the audio and video tracks in post-production.


As always, stay tuned for updates on the project because as stated before there will be a bunch (including casting announcements) in the coming weeks before principal photography! Also, you can still continue to help us out on our fundraising pages on either GoFundMe or YouCaring because although we have met our initial goal there are sure to be other things along way that come up and your support would be greatly appreciated!

On to principal photography! Team

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