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Our progress so far!

Hello! With the reveal of our new website we would like to take the time to update those of you who are just joining us! The journey thus far has been amazing and the road ahead looks bright! This post will be a quick rundown of everything that has happened in this process so far. It will enlighten you all on where we are in the creative process and exactly how we got here! Enjoy!


Writing the Script

This whole journey began on September 19th, 2015 when Bennett R. Boyle, now the director of the film, had an idea for a film and brought it to his close friend Gabe Moreland. From there the seeds were planted and the idea for the story began to grow as Boyle began developing the first draft of the script. Nearly a year later, the script's first draft was completed and edits working towards the final draft began.

After a month long editing process, the final draft was ready to be developed. It took less than a day to put together the final draft as it was completed on September 14th, 2016, nearly a year after the writing process had begun. With the script completed it was time to move forward with other aspects of the process.


Announcing the GoFundMe Campaign

After the completion of the final draft of the script, it was time to move to the more daunting aspect of the pre-production process: raising the funds necessary to produce the film. The first medium through which we would begin to raise money was a GoFundMe campaign.

On September 16th, Boyland Studios released their very first content, a promotional video launching the GoFundMe campaign for their first film, which had since been entitled "Different Reasons. The video was released to their Facebook page and YouTube channel. With the GoFundMe campaign up and running, the process now turned toward advertisement.



In an attempt to advertise their campaign on GoFundMe, Boyland Studios launched social media pages on several platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and Vimeo. By October, the page had raise over 150 dollars and for advertisement a synopsis of the film was released. It read:

"Different Reasons" centers around a teenage boy who is travelling through a spirited forest. Throughout the film he struggles with the inner demons of his past, while seeking to reconcile with someone he has lost. The film is morally ambiguous and somewhat abstract in nature and will provoke audiences through an understanding of both how to accept mistakes and moving forward once reconciled. It is a character driven story filled with raw emotion and empathy is a large part of the film's goal, as it aims to make our audiences feel for the characters and situations."

By November of 2016, the GoFundMe campaign had garnered enough attention that it was featured in the Cowley Courier-Traveller in a press release. This press release gave the campaign a boosted level of attention and garnered many more donations. Entering December, the film had received over 300 dollars of donations and after the holidays, the production had gained a MacBook generously donated by the Boyle Family and personal money being entered into the fund by both Boyle and Moreland.


Moving Forward

With over 500 dollars of donations raised through the GoFundMe campaign, the process trucked along. In the early summer of 2017 some minor rewrites of the Final Draft were in store with the story being fleshed out even more than it had been before.

During these rewrites, the social media pages of Boyland Studios teased an imminent announcement, which would end up being slightly delayed, but would still prove to be one the biggest reveals thus far!


The Official Logo Reveal Teaser and Announcement of a New Campaign

The announcement briefly teased in early May, 2017 would arrive at long last on July 17th at 11:00 a.m Central Standard Time. This reveal would come in the form a short teaser showcasing the official logo of Different Reasons and at the end announcing a new fundraising campaign on The video garnered even more donations and at the time of the formation of this website, Boyland Studios has collected over 1000 dollars in the fund for Different Reasons!


Where Do We Go From Here?

With over 1000 dollars raised for our film we have come a long way on this journey. We hope that this website will garner even more attention for our project and help us raise the remaining funds necessary for producing this film! We will continue to update all of our followers on social media and on this new site as the production moves along. Check back here or on any of our social media platforms for the latest updates! is your source for everything Boyland Studios! Team

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