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You can still donate at either of the two mediums to help us out as the project moves into principal photography:
Alternate means of donation: If you are unable, or do not want to use either of the platforms above but still wish to donate, head to the "Contact Us" page, found in the upper left corner, and we can set up an alternate means of donation.
The following is the original campaign description for Boyland Studios' first film "Different Reasons" which was announced in this video and has since been completed. This is the campaign as it was presented on September 16th, 2016 and any edits that have been made are acknowledged in the footnotes.
Original Description of Campaign

Hello, my name is Bennett R. Boyle and on behalf of myself and my friend Gabe Moreland, I would to tell you about our mission: to write, direct and produce a short film.  
It was in second grade that I began to love film, and it hit me then that a way that I could carry this passion into my future is if I became someone who made them.  The first step into this world as a 15 (almost 16) year old: to make an independent short film.
These campaigns are a mediums through which Mr. Moreland and I wish to achieve the funds with which to produce our vision.

Where are we on the journey?

Our journey making this Short Film began around a year ago, in September of 2015, when Gabe and I began to discuss potentional story ideas.
These discussions eventually developed into a script written by me and with a story by both Mr. Moreland and I. The first draft of the script was finished on 8/20/2016 and I finished editing the draft in early September. Work on the second and final draft will begin soon with a preemptive finish date of November. 
With this outline, filming would begin in early 2017.****
(See footnote under "section: Deadline" below.)

What will the money will be used for?

If the goal is met the money will be used to pay for:

-Panasonic HC-X1000 4K-60p/50p Camcorder with High-Powered 20x Optical Zoom and Professional Functions***

-MacBook Air* and an iMac all in one Desktop Computer** for editing.

-Julius Studio 3x 216 Barndoor Continuous LED Video Lighting Kit***

-AVID Media Composer Software*** for editing
*(The Macbook Air has been taken off of the list as it was donated on December 13th of 2016 from the Boyle Family as a present.)
**(The iMac all in one Desktop Computer has also been taken off of the list as it was donated on March 30th 2018 by the Boyle Family.)
***(The Julius Studio Barndoor Lighting Kit, the AVID Media Composer Software, and the Panasonic HC-X1000 Camcorder have all been taken off the list as they were they were received in the week of June 2nd via the culmination of donations and saving of personal money. With the achievement of these 3 items, the goal set in this campaign has been achieved and principal photography for "Different Reasons" is set to begin June 2018)

As filming is preemptively scheduled to begin in early 2017, it would be fantastic if the goal could be met by January of 2017, but again the schedule is preemptive so we will update you as the process moves along.****
****(This preemptive film date has since been changed and the film is now expected to begin filming in late 2017 to early 2018.)
Edit on June 2nd, 2018: (Principal photography for Different Reasons is set to begin on June 16th, 2018, see footnote *** under "section: What will the money will be used for?")


This goal is very important to both Gabe and I.
For me, it would be a first step into the world of filmmaking and it would introduce me to the occupation in which I hope to develop a professional career in the future. Film is a powerful medium, and by helping to fund inspiring filmmakers' independent projects you are helping to shape the next generation of film.

We would be forever thankful of your donation, and those who donate would recieve a word of thanks in the credits of the film and if you donate over 50 dollars you will recieve a copy of the finished film on a home media platform.

Once again, your help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for you consideratio
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