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Heads of Boyland Studios

About the website: is the official source of all things Boyland Studios. The website was established in July of 2017 in promotion of Boyland Studios' first film, "Different Reasons." The website will be updated as the production moves along. Under the news section, a blog will be continuously updated as the project is developed. (Blog posts credited to the Team are authored by Bennett R. Boyle.)This website is a news source and information database, not a means of donation. If you wish to donate you must visit our fundraising options detailed under the fundraising tab at the top of the page. This website also functions as a means of promotion for our fundraising campaigns and a medium through which our followers can be updated concerning our progress. Please enjoy our content! 

Legal disclaimer: This website is managed by Bennett R. Boyle and Gabe Moreland, co-heads of Boyland Studios. We claim no rights to any copyrighted materials that may be found on this website. All rights reserved. Materials that may be deemed copyrighted materials were obtained and used under the "Fair Use" act, also known as the internet's "Public Domain." On the contrary, the contents of this domain (such as blog posts) are not fair use and we ask that if you are to use any of our content that you give us due credit.  

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